Google Plus Local For Recovery Professionals

How Google+ Local Will Impact Your Recovery Business

How the New Google+ Local Will Impact Your Recovery Business


Google Plus Local For Addiction Professionals

Google Plus Local For Addiction Professional

For many addiction treatment professionals, understanding how Google+ Local and the search engines work is not easy. Since Google seems to be changing the internet search and social media landscape on a daily basis, how in the world are we to understand how to leverage G+ for our recovery business?

Last month, Google made another substantial change to their services; Google Places merged with Google+ creating the new Google+ Local pages. In case you are not aware, Google+ Local is the latest by the search giant, and fast growing Social Media Networking site on the web.

The fact that it is owned by Google explains its popularity and now they’re forcing local businesses to jump on board by moving all Google Places business listings over to Google+ Local pages.

If you’ve seen the new Google+ Local pages, you’ve probably noticed that they are more user-friendly and dynamic. Interacting with your admits and prospects is much easier than with Google Places pages. More importantly, this is now where your Google business page will be located, so it’s crucial that you learn about it and optimize your page for full exposure.

Any addiction treatment business that does not have a Google+ account will now need to create one if they want their local business listings to be seen in local search results. In fact, if you’ve never done anything with your local business listing pages, now is the time to do so if you want any chance of capturing positive attention about your services to your target market.

While you may have to spend some time learning about this growing platform, this change can actually work in the favor of your local recovery treatment business by providing you with even more exposure. Google+ Local is livelier, more social, and makes it a lot easier for people to discover and share local information than the former Google Places.

Here are a few other things you should know about the new Google+ Local Pages:

* All Prior Google Places Pages have been Replaced with Google+ Local Pages
* These Pages Have a Strong Focus on “Social Media”

* The Pages Can Rank at the Top of Search Engines

* Customer Reviews Now Using the Zagat 30-Point Scoring System.

* Consumers must have a Google+ Account to Submit Recovery Reviews.

* Your Recovery Pages will be Available in Maps and Mobile devices, iPads, etc.


These are just a few of the many changes coming our way with the new Google+ Local pages. Now, every day searchers and socializers have a way to find and share local businesses of interest right within Google. In the addiction recovery space, the valuable content and communication tools will likely serve as the best, measurable ways to drive new admissions to your recovery or detox center.

Many recovery businesses today are struggling to keep their beds full every month and are looking for ways to increase admissions. Due to the fact that many internet users go online to search for addiction recovery centers, having a strong online presence is no longer an option if you want to generate more customers and sales. Google+ Local is an exciting new way to help you reach your local target audience easier and faster.

It also develops a long term “social proof” history to let prospective enrollments understand you take your reputation seriously. Leveraging G+ Local for treatment center lead generation is proving effective for conversions, the G+ Hangouts live streaming conferencing is delivering treatment leads to savvy addiction pros with personal interaction. Check out Social Media Examiner’s step- by- step guide here: How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

Google Plus Addiction Marketing

Google Plus Addiction Marketing

Monitoring and managing a positive addiction recovery reputation online can become your internet referral network fairly quickly. The stronger your reputation becomes, the more treatment referrals you will receive. Many of our clients can afford to rely almost exclusively on this online networking for business as word of month will always be the strongest decision influencer for addiction service providers.

This scenario also means in most cases that advertising costs are kept to a minimum, if any at all once you establish a strong foundation. How great would that be?

Update: As many agree, experiential therapy can be highly effective, check out this example and draw some comparisons:

Reach out to us and we can see if we can help. Our next Google Plus Local piece will cover their interactive, streaming conference/video service- Google Hangouts. This simple and attractive tool can be very valuable in the recovery space. Here’s a useful article from social media pro Phyllis Khare over at Social Media Examiner that lays it out well! Discover Miss Phyllis’ How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business and her website.

Here’s also a quick video how yummy Cadbury chocolate uses Google+ and Hangouts!

Google+ Local For Recovery Businesses will impact the way you educate and help those needing support they are comfortable with, stay tuned for part two of the series!

3 thoughts on “How Google+ Local Will Impact Your Recovery Business

  1. Shelly Winton

    Excellent timing! We just had one of our group training sessions to learn this web-meeting software that most couldn’t figure out. I saw your story on using Google hangouts and we were able to connect ten people at once from our email account! (using Google applications). Great tips, very innovative.

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  3. Amalia

    Thanks for sharing Shelly! It can be a very valuable tool and it’s free! Watch for our next piece that shows you how to get prospective residents to participate in an addiction treatment virtual tour. This simple usage can save hours of time scheduling physical tours, do you remember Reggie from the discussion? His staff is holding a weekly Hangout for families dealing with troubled teens that is educating and capturing valuable contact information. The applications are almost limitless!

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